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X(S)K-160 Rubber Lab Open Mixing Mill

A Lab type rubber two roll open mixing mill is specially developed for rubber lab mixing purpose. Our this lab two roll open mill is designed and made at high standard level,harndened gear reducer,bearing system, motor and reducer are directly coupled connection, ensuring the operation sound is very low, and machine is durable to use. Many big tire factories such Yokohama and big rubber parts producers such as Zhongding Group (the biggest rubber parts producer in China) are using our lab type open mixing mill for their sample trial or development of new rubber products.



Technical specification:

-           Roll diameter

160 mm

-           Working length of Rolls

320 mm

-           Front roll linear speed

8.95 m/min

-           Friction Ratio

1:1. 27

-           Type of Roll

Forged roll, after tempering, precision grinding and chrome platen and mirror finishing.

-           Roll gap adjustment components

It consists of worm, worm wheel, screw and dial.

-           Roll gap adjustment method

Manual handwheel

-           Max. gap between Rolls

5 mm

-           Batch capacity

1-3Kgs per batch depending on Hardness & Specific Gravity

-           Transmission

Motor and the hardened reducer is direct connection, reducer and roll pin coupling connection.

-           Reducer

Single input, single output, sealed oil-immersed hardened gear reducer. Noise ≤ 78dB, safety factor: SA ≥ 2 times.

-           Motor power/RPM

7.5KW, 6P energy-saving AC motor with a speed of 970rpm.

-           Bearing

Bearings use double-row spherical roller bearings, greasing lubrication

-           Bearing housing

The bearing seat is made of cast iron (FC30), which is processed after tempering. lubricating hole is available.

-           Roll heating & cooling

Through Universal Rotary Joints with internal spray

-           Base and stand

Steel plate welding, tempered, machined

-           Stock guide

-Manual stock guide;

-Transmission base and nylon plate base are welded with high quality SS41;

- The nylon board jacket can be opened for easy replacement.

-           Stock pan

Made of stainless steel, good size to fit.

-           Safety arrangement (emergency stop and reverse)

-emergency stop buttons mounted on the top each corner:4 PCS;

-pull rod above the rolls for emergency stop;

-foot-kick emergency stop plate mounted at both sides of the bottom.

-           Extra decoration

The inside of the machine is paved with stainless steel plates, which is neat, beautiful and easy to clean up the remaining materials.


L1650xW980xH1500 mm


~1200 Kg