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Hydraulic Rubber Open Mixing Mill

  Hydraulic Rubber Open Mixing mill is with hydraulic roll gap adjustment, the variable roll gaps for rubber mixing, rubber thinning through and rubber sheeting can be easily set on the touch screen, digital display, more precise roll gap control. Compared with the traditional mechanical worm gear type roll gap control device which is of high friction during adjustment, and the gear gaps could gradually becomes larger after a long time of use, so the roll gap control becomes less and less accurate gradually.

  In contrast,because hydraulic control device adjust the roll gap by drive cylinder moving back and forth horizontally, it is almost frictionless,so it is very durable to keep its working stability,ensuring accurate gap even after many years use.

  Besides, the hydraulic roll gap can be adjusted during rubber mixing.And the hydraulic roll gap is able to expand or shrink according to different types of rubber with regarding their different hardness,viscosity and elasticity,etc, and it will be adjusted to the set roll gap automatically .