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Automatic Rubber Vulcanizing Press machine working show

This is an automatic Vacuum type Rubber Vulcanizing Press machine working in our customer's factory.

From this video, you can see the automatic actions to handle the mold, slide, mold open, mold close,upward ejector from bottom,etc.

GHM (Geekung Hydraulic Machinery) is our joint enterprise entity specialize in manufacturing kinds of vulcanizing  press machines, such as rubber compression molding machine,rubber transfer molding machine,rubber injection machine,multi-daylight vulcanizing press,brake pad press machine,etc.

Our rubber vulcanizing press machines have been exported to more than 30 countries across the world,like the US,Poland,Turkey,India,Vietnam, Mexico,Malaysia,South Korea,etc.

Warmly, we hope to serve all of our clients by supplying the high quality rubber vulcanizing machine with the competitive price, and best service.



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