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X(S)K-200 Lab type Rubber Open Mixing Mill

This is a Lab type rubber two roll open mixing mill specially developed for rubber sample trial mixing at lab scale.

Our this lab two roll rubber open mill is designed and made at high standard level, it is hardened gear reducer, bearing system, motor and reducer are directly coupled connection, ensuring the operation sound is control at very low level, and the machine is durable to use.

Many big tire factories such Yokohama and big rubber parts producers such as Zhongding Group (the biggest rubber parts producer in China) are using our lab type rubber open mill for their sample trial test or development of new rubber products.



Technical Specification:

1.Roll specφ200×W500mm

2.Roll materialUsing chilled cast iron, the surface hardness is HS70°±2°.

3.Front roll speed23.7 RPM

4.Rear roll speed: 21.55 RPM

5.Friction ratio:11.1


7.Roll gap: Manual adjustment.

8.Stockguide:MC nylon material.

9. Safety device: Knee-kick emergency stop at the front and back of the frame, four-corners of the machine are installed with emergency stop button, front and rear are with pull rope emergency stop device.

10.Stockpan: stainless steel.

11. Roller bearing lubrication: manual grease oil cup for lubrication.

12. Transmission mode: single motor, hardened gear reducer, speed ratio gear transmission.

13. Roller support bearings: double-row spherical roller bearings. (ZWZ brand).

14. Electrical control: main electrical components such as contactors and air switches use Schneider brand control, voltage DC24V.

15. Heating or cooling: Rotary joints.

16.Roll gap range: 0.2-4mm

17.Dimension: L2600xW900xH1400.

18.Weight: ~ 2000 kgs.


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